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My name is Mrs Gomes, and I am the subject lead for Science. My KS1 buddy is Mrs Lonsdale.  We are both passionate about the importance of science in the primary curriculum and the need to enable our children to confidently explore and discover the world around them, so that they have a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Using our 'Learning Means the World' curriculum, we aim to create fun and stimulating science lessons that nurture children’s natural curiosity and their on-going development. Children learn through a hands-on, enquiry-based curriculum which promotes questioning, challenge, working practically, investigating, evaluating, making choices, working independently and using scientific vocabulary. Children also develop an understanding of how important and relevant science is to their lives - now and in the future.

Meet Newton!                                                               

 Newton is a scientist. Scientists are curious! They investigate and explore to learn about the world, finding out what things are and why things happen. Scientists are so important as they can help to change the world and make life better for us all. Science can explain why the lightbulbs above our heads light up, why the carpet below us is a good material to walk on, and why my voice makes different sounds as I speak to you.