The use of technology in life is continuing to develop at a rate faster than we can imagine and this includes the ‘internet of things’. The use of technology in the home and the ‘on demand’, anywhere, anytime culture is now a fact of life. 

Children begin to use technology in their infancy and for many children they work it out for themselves from a very young age. They are proficient navigators of tablets, phones and other connected devices and often parents struggle to keep pace with children’s understanding of how the technology, especially for communication, is used, abused and / or the benefits and risks. The longer-term impact on society of technology is still an unknown and in the race to improve the environment online and cloud technologies are moving at a lightning pace. Did You Know 

In short, the use of computers, computing and anytime, anywhere, any device is a fact of life and one which we embrace within our federation. Therefore, it is essential that our curriculum keeps pace with this and that we plan for the development of skills and knowledge, understanding of the wider world and content, approaches and development alongside the consideration of the benefits and threats of being in a connected world.

Children’s access to and use of technology is planned for through our computing curriculum and also the wider curriculum. Children can access resources, curriculum activities, support and research at home on any device and this is all done through trusted sites. Parents are also able to access and use trusted products supplied by school.

The majority of the computing curriculum builds on and is adapted from PurpleMash and includes a focus on e-safety and this is revisited and reinforced across other units and links directly to our PSHE curriculum.

In addition, the children and staff have access to and experience of using a range of online resources and programs including extensive use of Microsoft TEAMS. All software is available via the cloud and can be used on any device. The design of our systems and approaches take away the need for any device specific content and uses industry standard platforms, therefore children are not disadvantaged. If children do not have access to the internet at home, the school provides time and resources so that no child misses out. 

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