Fund Raising

Please check-out the Parents of the Holy Trinity Schools (infants and juniors) page for the chance to buy some good value uniform and support the school! If you have any uniform to donate for sale, please contact Judi Fell (, or message Judi Fell on Facebook. 

Christmas Fundraising

Check out our Virtual Christmas Fayre 

for some festive treats

Virtual Balloon Race: 

Track ALL balloons LIVE! 

Click on the house name and follow it's balloon:

Brimham        Fountains      Newby      Studley


 Balloon Race Video  - Balloon Race

Friends of Holy Trinity Schools are taking part in a virtual balloon to raise money for our schools.  Hosted online by it is a seven-day simulated balloon race using live weather data.  As it is a virtual race there is no negative environmental impact on birds, animals, climate change, plastic waste, or litter.   

Get involved.  Anyone can buy a balloon and monitor it's progress through the website.  It links with google maps so that you can track your balloon in real-time.  The aim it to see who can fly the furthest from the virtual launch site by the end of the race.  There are prizes for the balloons that travel the furthest distance.

The Friends have already purchased a balloon each for Brimham, Fountains, Newby and Studley, but we would love everyone to buy more balloons and raise lots of money!

Race Start Date:  1st December , 12 Noon

Virtual Launch Location: Harrods, London

£3 per balloon


As this is an internet-based competition there are two levels of prizes.  

Web Prizes (Provided by

  • 1st prize £500 cash
  • 2nd Prize an Apple iPad
  • 3rd - next 10 finishers win a £10 book token

Holy Trinity prizes

  • The first 10 Holy Trinity balloons will win a prize kindly donated from families, friends and local businesses.  

 How to buy your balloons

Click on this link: Federation of Holy Trinity Schools, Ripon, North Yorkshire  Then select "buy balloons for you".

Updates will be posted on the Parents of The Holy Trinity Schools (infants and juniors) Facebook Page

 Please help support our school!