Holy Trinity CE Junior School

School Hours

The hours of the school are:

                       Years 3 & 4                                       Years 5 & 6

                    8.55am - 12.00pm                             8.55am - 12.15pm

                     1.00pm - 3.30pm                              1.15pm - 3.30pm

The school bell rings at 8.55am so that children can be in class ready to begin the morning session promptly at 9.00am.

Children are directly involved in lessons for 23 hours and 20 minutes each week. This excludes times for assemblies and breaks. These times are in line with recommendations from the DfE.

Children should only enter and leave the school by the gates at each end of the front playground. For safety reasons they must not enter or leave by the car park gates or across the field.

Children should not arrive before 8.45am as the school cannot take responsibility for children on the premises before this time.


Organisation of Classes

Children are taught in mixed ability classes, as follows:

Year 3 : 2 classes

Year 4 : 2 classes

We also have 1 mixed Y3/Y4 class

Year 5 : 3 classes

Year 6 : 2 classes

Children are taught for the majority of the time by their class teacher, but will encounter other teachers. In all classes children are grouped in order that work can be tailored to their individual needs.


Collective Worship

Collective Worship takes place every day, normally for the whole school. As this is a church school, collective worship is predominantly Christian in nature and includes prayer. The format of the worship is informal and non-denominational but is in line with the principles and practices of the Church of England.

Under the 1944 Education Act, parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship, by notifying the Headteacher in writing.


Each Friday we hold a ‘CELEBRATION’ assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements in all aspects of school and community life. All parents are warmly invited.