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You will find out all the things we have been exploring in our PSHE lessons:

Across the school, we have been looking at the unit  'Me and My Relationships'.  This unit covers a range of areas from looking after animals in Reception to thinking about our relationships with ourselves and others in Year 6. 

Reception Classes

The children in Reception having been caring for our guinea pigs, Bill and Clifford.

Key Stage 1

In Year 1, we have been learning all about relationships. We are trying hard to be 'bucket fillers' by being kind and helpful to others. We have celebrated what makes us unique and will be continuing our learning about different types of relationships this half term. 

In our PSHE lessons, Year 2 have been thinking about 'Me and My Relationships'. We have learned about what a relationship means and the importance of caring for each other and spending time with our families. We have been learning to listen carefully to others and respect their viewpoints (even if we don't agree with them!) Our circle time has been about sharing our personal thoughts and opinions and listening carefully to what other people think. Sometimes it is tricky to listen to other people when we have so many thoughts and ideas ourselves, so we have been working hard on being patient and respecting other children's right to have their voice heard.


One child said, "I like circle time because I get to say the things that I am thinking."

Somebody else said, "I get to listen to my friends and they listen to me."

 Key Stage 2

In Year 6 in PSHE, we have been looking at the relationships we have and what constitutes a healthy, loving relationship. We have also looked at how to stay safe both on and offline, the dangers we may encounter and who to talk to when things go wrong. We have recently looked at bullying, specifically homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying and acceptance of differences and how we need to respect each other no matter what.