Nursery Information

 Our School Rules

In Willow Class we learn and follow the whole school rules 'Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Ready'.

 Celebrating learning and development

We celebrate each child's learning and development in their personalised learning journey.  The learning journey documents a child's time in Willow Class and is shared regularly with the child and their family.

We use the Early Excellence Tracker (EExAT), an online system where parents and carers can login and see observations and photos.  There is also the opportunity for parents and carers to upload observations from home which helps us to get to know your child even better.

 Nursery Fund

We ask for a voluntary contribution of £5 per term to support us with providing additional experiences such as baking, cooking and visits to the local market. Any profits will be used in Willow Class to pay for additional resources. This contribution can be paid via parent pay.

Our day

Self registration

As your child arrives at the start of the session they find their name card. We encourage children to have a go at writing their name before placing their name card up on a board to self register.  

Inside/outside time

During these extended periods of child-initiated learning, children can choose to play and learn both inside and outside.  Adults observe and interact with children, responding to their needs, supporting and extending their learning, ensuring no opportunities for learning are missed.

Snack & drink

Snack is provided and we have a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available and a choice of milk or water to drink.  A snack and drinks are available throughout the session and your child can choose when they would like to have them. 

Group time

At the end of the sessions we gather together to enjoys stories, songs and rhymes.  These sessions are adult led and may have a maths or phonics focus.  

Our group sessions finish with a prayer together.  

'Thank you Lord for this nice day. Bless our friends, our work, our play, Amen.'

We always welcome parents and carers into Willow Class. At the end of each session please check your child's box for their art, crafts and other treasures, there might also be important letters from school in there.

Helping at home

 You can help your child cope with the new world of nursery life if you:

  • talk to your child about their time in Willow Class
  • encourage your child to put their own coat and shoes on and take them off
  • support your child to use the toilet independently, wipe their own bottom and wash their hands
  • teach your child to ask for help when they need it

 What to wear

School uniform  in Willow Class (red sweatshirt or cardigan and white polo shirt - as in main school) is optional.  We recommend leggings or jogging bottoms with a t-shirt and/or sweatshirt.

We go outside each day - whatever the weather! We always wear wellies outside so everyone needs a named pair of wellies to keep in Willow Class.  We support children to put an all in one waterproof suit on when they play and learn with water to help keep them dry.

It is important to bring a coat each day regardless of the weather when you leave home, as the weather can be unpredictable. Suitable hats and gloves should be with your child when the weather is colder and suitable hats and sun lotion when the weather is warmer.

Please name all your child’s clothes and belongings.

Keeping Safe

At the start and end of the session it is a legal requirement that there is an adult to adult hand-over. At all times the children need to be escorted to and from Willow Class by a responsible adult.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum requires that the school needs to have written permission if your child is to be collected by another adult. You will be given a form to list the people to whom you give permission to collect your child. Please let us know of any changes to collection arrangements.

We would be grateful if you would ensure that your child is collected on time at the end of each session.

It is essential that the school have an emergency contact/telephone number other than your own in the event of illness/accidents etc.

Please note:

  • Smoking is not allowed within the school building or grounds
  • Please do not bring dogs into the school grounds
  • Please help to keep our Nursery grounds litter free

 Absence and Illness

Please inform us if your child is unwell, and provide details of their illness, particularly if it is of a contagious nature.

In cases of sickness or diarrhoea please keep them off Nursery until 48 hours after the last episode. This helps to prevent this spreading to other children and members of staff.

Please keep the staff in Willow Class informed of any medical concerns that you have about your child.

Personal accident and insurance

The County Council would like to draw your attention to the fact that it only insures against injury caused to children as a result of negligence by the Authority, its servants or agents and does not insure to pay compensation following an injury suffered by a pupil. It is the responsibility of the parent to arrange and pay premiums for Personal Accident Insurance they require in respect of any injury caused or suffered by their child. Personal Accident Insurance is available through your usual broker.

Please note that very few County Councils provide Personal Accident Insurance so this isn’t something new. North Yorkshire just wish to clarify the position for parents.

Moving on to school

Most children in Willow Class  join our Reception classes but attending our Nursery does not automatically guarantee your child a place. Applications for Reception are made via North Yorkshire County Council.  During the Summer term the children who have been allocated a space in Reception will begin to prepare for their next step into Infant school life. 

Before the children join the Reception class there is a Reception open evening meeting, please keep an eye on the school newsletter for further information. During the open evening parents find out more about their child starting school, meet the Reception Team and have an opportunity to ask any questions. Following this, the children visit their new class for two sessions to familiarise them before they start in September.

If you would like to book a tour of our school or have any questions, please contact the school office who will be happy to help. 

Applications for a place in Reception must be made by the published closing date in January through NYCC