Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Although not a statutory part of the 2014 curriculum we believe SRE has a vital role to play in the personal and social development of our children. During the second half of the summer term every child has the opportunity to participate in SRE lessons which will be delivered in an age appropriate and meaningful way. Prior to the lessons being taught parents will be informed of the content of the unit and have the opportunity to discuss it with their child’s class teacher.

Sex and relationships education (SRE) forms part of our school curriculum in the summer term. We recognise the importance of teaching a specific and age-appropriate curriculum for sex and relationships education and have carefully considered the approach we take. 

Prior to teaching this aspect of the curriculum, you will receive a letter outlining the content of the lessons. If you have any questions relating to the areas covered please talk to your child's class teacher. 

We have added some resources and information below:
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Answering Tricky Questions


We also have an 'answering tricky questions' resource for parents. This is available by email from the school office

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