Through high quality teaching and learning, children develop positive attitudes towards science and the curriculum promote progression in key scientific knowledge and understanding. Children build an understanding of different types of scientific enquiries and how to use them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. Children use their scientific knowledge to understand the relevance of science; how science is used today and its possible impact on our future lives.  

As a core subject, science has a high profile across our Federation and is taught weekly throughout the whole school year. In addition to this, guided by ideas from our Science Reps, we have regular science competitions and hold an annual science themed day. 

To ensure that our children have secure science knowledge and understanding we teach science as a stand alone subject with relevant links made to other subjects when there is a clear purpose for doing so.

Within science, children are taught and encouraged to ask questions, record observations and draw conclusions. Children experience a variety of practical investigations using an increasing amount of equipment and recording methods to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. Developing children's knowledge of the different ways of working scientifically is key to our science curriculum and an integral part of every unit.

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Our children are curious about the world and enjoy science. They gain secure scientific knowledge and understanding and can accurately use scientific vocabulary to explain their ideas and thoughts clearly. Children can use a variety of scientific enquiries to investigate scientific questions. The curriculum also supports children to see that science is relevant to their lives and plays a key part in the world around us.